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The solar street light with pole present

by Joseph Reed

The use of a solar street light with pole present is one of the biggest and best innovations when it comes to security and electricity. However, there are a lot of things you need to know before you take on the installation of the street light.

In this article, we will be talking about the difference in the installation of the solar street light with pole present. We will go over the major pros and cons of the solar street light and how to handle them to give you the best result.



1. It is easier to save energy

The good thing about the solar street light with a pole is that it helps you save more energy. When it is installed, you spend less trying to power the pole and you get better results. Unlike the regular street light that takes up a reasonable amount of energy.

If you are paying heavily for energy consumption, then this should be the right option for you.


2. There are no visible external wires present

This is what makes the entire street light beautiful. Looking at the regular street lights with a lot of wires can be an eyesore. However, with this streetlight, there are no interconnected wires present. So, it makes the environment neat. It also eliminates certain hazards that may occur due to overexposed wires.


3. It can be automated.

This is one of the best things when installing the solar street light with a pole. You can choose to install a sense that would be able to turn on the light when it goes dark and turn it off in the day. It makes your work very easy not having to go out and turn on or off the light.


4. It does not cause pollution.

In this era where we have to deal with the effect of global warming and pollution, powering regular street light could cause and pose certain dangers to the atmosphere. However, with the use of solar street lights with pole present, you are not polluting the environment in any way. You are keeping it safe not causing any major environmental hazard.



1. Rechargeable batteries always need replacement.

This is one of the problems that you will always have to face. At regular intervals, you will need to change the batteries and it would be a lot of inconveniences. If you are not ready to take up something like this, then you do not need to install this.


2. It hardly works in snowy or cold weather.

If you are in a region where there is a lot of cold and snow, then this solar street light with poles is not for you. Because of the solar panel that takes in solar energy, when there is no sun, there will not be enough energy to take it.



In this article, we have done our best to take you through the pros and cons of getting the solar street light with pole present. One thing you need to know is that choosing the right option for you is the big deal. If the solar street light with pole present is the right option for you, then go with it.

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