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What Are LED Strip Lights?

by Joseph Reed

Strip lights are easily one of the best-LED products you can find in the market. That’s because of how advanced they are in terms of technology. Their designs and overall functionality also play a key role here. If you’re planning to buy a LED strip light such as RGB Silicone Neon Light, best believe that you will get enough value for your money.

LED strip lights are commonly used for DIY decorations since they are quite easy to operate and install.

Everything You Need To Know About Strip Lights

The following are top basic things you should understand about strip lights:

1. They come in Different Lengths

You can find LED strip lights in 5 and 10 meters per roll, depending on who your manufacturer is. They come with cutting marks that enables you to cut and assemble them into your preferred length sizes.

Once they are soldered, LED strip lights are connected to the power and control source, which allows for its easy management of colors and vibrancy.

2. Flexibility

One thing about LED strip lights is that they can be equally used for indoor and outdoor purposes. This is mostly dependent on the type, voltage, and manufacturer that’s involved. And since they are used indirectly most times, you can find them in dropped ceilings and cove serving as a source of supplementary lighting.

LED strip lights can successfully illuminate your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and every other space that exists within your house.

3. Easily Installed

If you’ve come across the traditional lighting systems, you will understand that they come with cables, wires, and witches, and are unable to function unless you pass them through the walls of the house.

LED strip lights, on the other hand, are quite innovative and different. They do not require you to run multiple wirings around the house before they can properly function. They feature a more efficient method of installation.

4. Enough Adhesive

Every pack of a LED strip lights comes with a 3-meter adhesive. This helps to get them mounted on any area you chose. A lot of people use strip light holders to help secure the stickiness. This is to ensure that in case the adhesive wears off, the strip lights won’t fall off.

Also, the amount of adhesive used matters in most cases. If you’re working edges, you may as well use a large quantity of adhesive.

5. Easy Control of Color and Vibrancy

LED strip lights are capable of changing vibrancy and color; this is easily what most people love about them. If you want to build quality ambiance within your preferred space, you need to choose the right color and vibrancy; this is the only way you can get the beauty you crave.

This particular feature also allows you to turn your home into a party in a few minutes – this also defines its flexible nature.


When it comes to application, you can use the LED strip lights for many things. Aside from illuminating your space, they also help to preserve the environment you find yourself in.

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